Welcome to AHNC All Hat, No Cattle! I'm your host, "Hat." This is a gaming + news/commentary channel with a view from the "right side of the barbed wire." Every day, Mon. - Sun., @ 9 am ET, I live stream PC games. We usually go about 4 hours per show. We're currently playing Fallout 4 with 206(!) mods running concurrently. We live stream on Rumble, Shing.tv, and my Discord channel, "My Mistake." I live stream my 2-hour News Rodeo every Mon-Fri @ 4 pm ET on Shing.tv and Rumble. We cover national and international news, hot off the wire - err - internet. Fridays begin with the latest from FreedomToons, and end with the always hilarious "Florida Man Friday" column from P.J. Media's own Stephen Green. You have to experience it to know FMF's true greatness. "Phil the Hat" created by Christopher Gomez