LD is a freelance video editor and a livestream producer. He works with Richard Grove's AUTONOMY Unlimited digital media marketing company, helps produce Richard's AUTONOMY course and produces the Grand Theft World Podcast. He and his wife have a t-shirt store at freedomunitedrevolt.com. Monero address: 486HREvMY8TLLGyGkousqVg8d8hprdNyHdL1CGuy7QpE2MKDSYkqF1WBDPgnk7mciDCa7Zz4FvzkFLYW97FDfBmVBHyjMTg ARRR Pirate address: zs126a5tdq5d2sdnlw82583xr00p07qcx9achhzj23wqlvkw62xlnqvsvtwlstdw8f6gckw58fzx8n BCH address: qq2c32l396w603uqpfqamv2kym0zhyy5vqpyxecngp